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At Advantage iTs, we believe having a secure website is an essential part of a successful IT business strategy. As an IT company we see daily the importance of frequent back-ups, security checks, and staying on top of software updates and patches for your computer. Your website should be no different. Having an unsecure website can compromise your entire network infrastructure, bringing your day-to-day business to a halt. Vulnerabilities can come from anywhere--from error-prone coding, to exploitations by a neighboring site stored on the same server, or from simple neglect due to aging, outdated plugins. That's why we offer comprehensive web development, web hosting, and web management services in the Las Vegas and Tri-cities areas.

3 Beliefs that Set our Web Services Apart:

1. Web development is more than just looks

Web Development encompasses many aspects, everything from the look of a website, to the underlying structure and code. Many companies will offer you a flashy design but neglect the important foundation coding which determines your overall web performance, affecting your ranking and user experience. And why should they when they have no investment in the success of your website? They design it, setup hosting on some over-stuffed budget hosting server, and forget about you.

At Advantage iTs, we build your website from the ground up to ensure it's done the right way from the start, with a focus on Search Engine Optimization, responsive design, fast load times, and strategic call-actions to help you turn your website to a conversion machine.

2. Web Hosting is more than just storage

Typical shared hosting shoves several hundreds--or even thousands--of websites onto each server, draining resources for your website during peak hours which can affect your loading speeds. It also opens you up to guilty-by-association blacklisting when unsavory malware websites that happen to share your IP address are blocked by other sites and services. This happens more often than you might think--especially when hosting companies don't run security checks (and many don't). Such hosting companies may offer more secure plans, but they come at a high cost. Dedicated hosting, which allocates an entire server's resources, can run hundreds of dollars a month, if not more. Weighing the costs and benefits can be hard on a small business with a limited budget.

For us, hosting is about more than just storing your website. It's about making sure you have the tools you need to build your business in a safe environment. That's why we hand-select and vet each business we host. Because we are so selective, our servers are lightning fast, ensuring your website is up when you need it most. We also offer virtual hosting which partitions off each website while still sharing servers, allowing for greater security and scalability at a fraction of the cost of typical dedicated hosting. Whatever your needs, we've got you covered.

3. Web Management is more than just hosting

Without frequent updates and security scans, even the best websites will degrade over time. Outdated plugins will inevitably cripple the functionality of any site, leaving openings for malicious actors to exploit sensitive data.

At Advantage iTs, we don't just host your website. We offer comprehensive web management plans which scan frequently for vulnerabilities, downtime, and errors, mitigating the risk of blacklisting, vulnerable plugins, and inter-website hacking. Why do we go the extra mile? Because we consider all web services to be part of an interlocking stone foundation upon which to build your online presence. By combining the best web development and hosting practices and maintaining your website from day one, you set yourself up for maximum success.

Are you Ready for Secure, Affordable Web Dev & Hosting Service in Las Vegas?

Let us worry about the health of your website so you can get back to more important things. If you need web dev hosting service Las Vegas, we have you covered. Call us today at (702)827-3700 or click below to grow your business in Las Vegas, the Tri-cities, and beyond.

web dev hosting service Las Vegas
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web dev hosting service Las Vegas
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web dev hosting service Las Vegas web dev hosting service Las Vegas