About Advantage iTs

Our leadership in managed I.T. services is rooted in three core principles that govern our unique approach to information technology management:

Only Experts

Traditional managed-service models leave you frustrated as your ticket bounces from person to person. Instead of providing tiered support, we triage every request and route it directly to the team and technician best suited to solve the problem quickly.

Planned Efficiency

Trouble-free I.T. solutions begin with thorough planning. That’s why we kick off our managed services with a comprehensive I.T. assessment, examining your entire Information Systems structure to be sure that your network architecture is as effective as possible.


The time to setup security and backup isn’t after you’ve suffered a loss. That’s why we’ve made proactive management the focus of our iTs Extreme and iTs Prevent service plans—both designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate downtime by solving problems before they develop.