Individual IT Services

At Advantage iTs we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to IT management isn’t always best. That’s why we offer targeted individual IT services to help your business where you need it, and not where you don’t. Service include network administration, email management, system security, data recovery, PC maintenance, and more.

Services We Offer:

Managed Workstations

Advantage iTs managed workstation service is designed to keep your PC's and laptops healthy so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Managed Continuity

Addresses data loss, fire or flood damage to IT equipment, theft of data, PCs or laptops, systems crashing, and other access Issues.

Managed Mobile

Keeping up with technology can be difficult. Our managed mobile services give you the tools you need to secure your companies mobile environment.

Managed Email

Advantage iTs managed email secures your email system, improves uptime and provides archiving solutions that will ensure protection against data loss and free up your server storage space.

Managed Networks

Who is looking after your critical IT systems? Connectivity, back-ups, antivirus, and more. Advantage iTs provides peace of mind by providing a wide range service options to fit your unique business needs.

Managed Security

Protects your data against internal and external breaches including virus attacks, unauthorized system access, email attacks, data theft, ransomware, and downtime.

Looking for more robust management? We also offer full-service IT management plans to keep your business running smoothly including our Extreme, Prevention, and On-Call plans.