Modern technology has provided incredible tools to help the small business owner, but it’s also opened the door to new dangers that were unfathomable just thirty years ago. With the stroke of a key, a hacker can now cripple your network, bringing your day-to-day business to a halt, ransomware can hold your data hostage for a steep fee, and stolen credit card data can result in heavy fines or even bankruptcy. Protecting your data can mean the difference between a thriving business and a closing business.

Most owners are doing what they know how to do: installing security software, implementing a password policy, and training employees, but data breaches are still on the rise. Phishing scams are getting ever more sophisticated, and the threat of ransomware is greater than ever. How do you know if you’re doing enough? What if there is a vulnerability on your network right now? Fortunately, there is a way to find out. It’s called a security assessment and it’s as easy as picking up the phone.

What is a Security Assessment?

A security assessment is a top-to-bottom analysis of your infrastructure. Over the course of a few days, one of our technicians will scan every machine, every server, and every device in your network to look for vulnerabilities, including:

  • Password complexity
  • Needed updates
  • Missing patches
  • Anti-virus Settings
  • Unprotected data (like credit card numbers)
  • Compromised email addresses on the dark web

Once we uncover vulnerabilities, we take immediate action to shore up your network.

Why Security Assessments Are Vital in IT

You Need to Know If Your Security Systems Are Working

What good are security measures if they aren’t working? The only way to know for sure if they’re doing what they should is to test them. Getting a professional to check your system can offer a fresh pair of eyes and access to top-of-the-line tools that find problems fast.

Vulnerabilities Come From Within and Without

Not all attacks come from the outside. A risk assessment can flag up issues like account lockouts that are disabled at certain workstations or automatic screen locks that have been turned off. These are simple, common-sense vulnerabilities that it’s easy to miss; but a bad actor could take advantage.

Everything’s for Sale on the Dark Web

You probably don’t spend any time on the Dark Web: do you know if your information is for sale there? A security assessment can tell you quickly if any of your email address passwords are up for sale on the Dark Web so you know exactly which passwords to change.

Not Everything Happens Instantly

One of the most insidious things about security breaches is the fact that fallout doesn’t necessarily come quickly. Someone might steal a few passwords, but there doesn’t seem to be any immediate repercussions. Unfortunately, the thief may just be waiting to sell that info to the highest bidder, who in turn may be crafting a specific ransomware or phishing attack that targets your company directly. You might think all is well, but disaster can be just around the corner.

The Stakes Are Getting Higher

Phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever, and some are even capable of penetrating two-factor authentication systems. Ransomware is hitting schools, businesses, hospitals, local governments and more. According to the FBI, ransomware attacks are on the rise, and they’re getting more ambitious every day. Ransomware attacks scan systems and then encrypt your most important files, holding them hostage. And if you don’t or can’t pay their fees to release the data, the results aren’t pretty. “Ransomware attacks can corrupt windows files, causing a need to reinstall windows,” Advantage iTs tech Aaron Walters says. “This is the reason why good backups and antivirus practices are important.”

Don’t Become A Cautionary Tale

A security assessment is just as vital to protecting your business as the locks on your doors. Don’t wait until a breach to act. Schedule your security assessment by calling (702)827-3700 or contact us today.

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