An Advantage IT Services Guide

If you need the best people managing your data infrastructure but don’t have the resources to hire your own top-notch, full-time IT team, you need a MSP. A MSP, or a Managed Service Provider, helps small businesses manage their IT infrastructures with continual network monitoring, frequent backups, access to tech support, and more. As a respected Managed Service Provider in the Las Vegas and Tri-cities area, we offer several plans to help streamline your systems and protect your data. Read on for a quick IT Services Guide that covers everything we can do for you.

Plan to Succeed

IT is notorious for being the most troublesome department in a business. Get trouble-free solutions with our free comprehensive tech assessment. We’ll do an on-site systems evaluation so you can learn:

  • Whether your server is configured for optimum performance
  • If there are any security risks where you’re vulnerable
  • The state of your backups
  • Whether your network setup is configured for maximum efficiency

Prevent Problems Before They Start

Choose from our Prevention plan or Extreme plan so your business stays safe. We can help you prevent loss by implementing security best practices and fixing vulnerabilities and ensure your backups will always be there if you need them.

Prevention Plan

With our Prevention plan, you’ll get diagnostics, updates, tunings, and check-ups on a regular basis and on a flexible month-to-month basis with no long-term contracts.

Extreme Plan

Need more protection? Our extreme plan offers you the maximum protection you can get. In addition to everything that comes with the Prevention plan, you’ll also get inventory management, support, repair, technology planning, and regular monitoring.

Get On-Call Help

If your systems evaluation shows that everything is running well, you might just need help on an as-needed basis. With no long-term commitment, you can call Advantage iTs any time you need professional, industry-leading expert help with any IT problem.

Get Help for One-Off Projects

When you have a one-time project, like a location move, a new office setup, or upgrading PCs or operating systems, we can help you understand what you need to get it done. We’ll sit down with you for a consultation, discuss logistics based on your needs, and then offer a quote; with no long-term commitment required.

Access Targeted Services

No one plan, or even three plans, will fit every situation. You need IT services that work forĀ you. With Advantage iTs, you can order individual IT services to cover just those areas where you need help. Here’s what we can do for you:

Secure Your Continuity

If a fire or flood damages your equipment; if your PCs go down; if someone steals your data or the system crashes: are you ready to address it and get back to work fast? We can help you manage continuity to minimize downtime and ensure you always have access to your data.

Protect Your Systems

Maybe your systems are working well and you just need help with security. We can give you protection against unauthorized access, phishing and ransomware attacks, viruses, and more.

Stay Updated and Optimized

You should be free to concentrate on what you do best: running your business. Keeping up with back-ups, updates, and optimizations is time-consuming and easy to forget. Our managed IT services can take care of managing your networks so you can get back to work.

Keep Workstations Healthy

Everyone in the company is using computers, but expecting each person to keep their PC healthy, virus-free, updated, and optimized may be asking too much. Let us keep your workstations in good health so you don’t experience downtime.

Beyond the MSP IT Services Guide

We tailor our services to meet your needs. Contact Advantage iTs today for a free consultation and find out how a MSP can help you.

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