The 12 Questions You Should Always Ask About a Social Media Marketing Service Before You Buy

In this day and age, a small-to-medium sized business can’t survive without a website. Lacking social media marketing won’t cut it, either. You need a social media marketing service provider, like Advantage IT Services. Unfortunately, a social media marketing company may be better at marketing themselves than delivering the results you seek. You need to know which questions to ask before you hire a particular agency.

12 Hard-Hitting Questions to Vet Social Media Marketing Service Providers

Category 1: Strategies

  • For what types of clients have you implemented social media marketing strategies?
  • What specific steps do you take in your social media strategy development process? How long do they take, on average, in my industry?
  • May I please speak with clients who have implemented these strategies you developed?

Well-researched strategy is a key component of successful social media marketing services. Ask the potential agency’s references about the success of the marketing campaigns. Also, ask about written and verbal communication and how timely the projects were delivered.

You should also make sure that the extent of social media marketing services provided goes beyond Facebook. While Facebook is an excellent opportunity for generating leads, it may not be the ideal social media site to find your clients. Moreover, you should never put all your eggs in one basket with social media marketing. Diversify your marketing strategies. 

Category 2: Experience

  • When did you launch your first social media marketing campaign?
  • Which campaign or campaigns have you found to be the most successful?
  • How well did the results of these campaigns align with the client’s business and marketing objectives?
  • Why did you select these particular objectives to focus on? Why were these campaigns the best way to achieve these objectives?

Expertize is derived from immersing yourself in an activity. Thus, a trustworthy agency should be able to list off several examples of live work easily. When assessing an agency’s experience, you should make sure the campaigns are multi-dimensional. You should also ensure that they are not just pretty or stuffed with keywords. You should be able to tell the objectives the agency needed to accomplish.

Category 3: Processes

  • What best practices do you have in place for community management?
  • How do these practices vary across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and specialist social networks?
  • What processes do you have in place to develop content?
  • What practices are in place for campaign management, like development and implementation?
  • What is your process for monitoring and reporting campaign success?

These questions separate the social media marketing agencies worth considering from those who are just a waste of your time and money. The premier agency does far more than include share buttons on their digital campaigns. If an agency has a good deal of experience managing community assets, there will be a process in place for this.

If this is inarticulable, there is a good chance they are not as qualified as they make themselves out to be. Save the questions about processes for your initial consultation. If you ask them in writing, they have the chance to make up answers. They should be able to articulate their processes clearly off the tops of their heads.

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