Managed IT Services

Worried your company might be at risk of data loss, hardware failure, or theft? With a world of ever evolving technology, even the most seasoned IT teams struggle to keep up with constant advancements, security patches, and updates. Got it under control? Maybe you only need help with certain parts of your infrastructure. Either way, managed IT services may be the solution for you.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services, or Managed IT Solutions, allow an external service provider to handle all IT operations for an organization. Such service providers are also known as MSPs, or managed service providers. Services include:

  • Preventative maintenance for your networks and computers
  • Monitoring the health of your computers and alerting you of issues
  • Remote work, meaning no waiting for a technician to come to your office
  • Ticketing system which allows for organized, efficient, timely IT support
  • Maintenance costs of your technology covered by a reasonable monthly fee
  • Automatically applying all crucial fixes, patches, and updates

Four Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Your Business

More and more companies are jumping on the Managed IT Solutions bandwagon due to the vast number of benefits provided by service managers. In the past, organizations only called maintenance experts when something broke and hoped the problem could be fixed.

By transferring your IT operations to a reliable managed service provider, you can rest easy knowing your business’s IT functions and systems are being monitored, managed, and proactively analyzed to identify problems before they happen. This gives you the time to focus on your core business operations while your IT runs seamlessly in the background.

1. Keep Up With the Competition

Businesses are now accepting cryptocurrency, integrating automatic recurring billing, and accepting automatic payments. If you aren’t doing the same you could be left behind. Ensuring your network is secure is the key to preventing costly data breaches while staying ahead of the game. An MSP provides you with crucial data backup, security firmware and patches, and alerts when things go awry.

2. Predictable Expenses

A stable, consistent IT budget is key for many small business owners. That’s why one of the greatest advantages provided by Managed IT Services is the predictability of maintenance expenses. Though you’re still responsible for covering adds, changes, and moves, if something covered by your plan stops working unexpectedly your Managed Solution Provider will repair it at no cost to you.

3. Access to Resources

Managed IT Services provide you with a team of experts with a wide range of specializations. Service vendors also grant you access to several technologies and verticals your IT department might not have access to so you benefit from the most up-to-date infrastructure without having to constantly purchase new setups.

4. Mitigate the Risk of Service Outages

Service outages don’t just prevent your employees from working. They also prevent your customers from being able to send you e-mails and place online orders. MSPs use several servers to back up your data and offer business continuity and disaster recovery so you don’t lose revenue when IT hiccups occur.

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