Advantage iTs Design and Marketing Services

Whatever your web design needs, our experts can help. We also offer custom design work, content creation, blogging services, social media updates, website training, marketing consultation, and more for a single flat rate.

Services We Offer:

Site Updates

Need your website updated? We can update text or links, add or edit images, add or edit pages and posts, install plugins and more.

Graphic Design

Need design work? We offer logo design, business cards, icon design, web graphics, menus, and brochures.

Content Creation

Need a copywriter? We can create the content for your website for you. Just give us the framework of what you want to say and we'll edit it for the web.


Need a blog post? We can write one for you! Tell us what you want us to write about and we'll do a blog post for you, complete with design and stock photos.

Social Media Updates

Keep in touch with your consumer base with social media updates. For a single flat rate we'll post to your social media accounts as often as you need.

Marketing Consulting

Chat with an expert about ways to market your company online. We'll strategize ways to help you achieve higher traffic and up your conversion rates.

Monthly Blogging Services

For clients who want a hands-off approach, we’ll write a monthly blog post for your website at our standard hourly rate, complete with appropriate graphics and photos.

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Social Media Updates

Want your customers to see your latest news, events, and promotions but don’t have the time to do it yourself? We’ll post frequent updates to your social media accounts.

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