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Big Tablet

Big Tablet

Take Your Digital Marketing To A New Level With A Big Tablet

Marketing and advertisement has taken a new dimension. There is a paradigm shift towards digital advertisement now. Companies now advertise their products on strategically positioned billboards and digital screens in malls and places with massive foot traffic.

This initiative has just been taken a little further with the production and adoption of big tablet. The normal digital screen combines pictures with both audio and video clips. This is why digital billboards attract prospective customers more than other forms of advertisement. Now, big tablet as a marketing and advert solution offers much more.

The new big tablet allows viewers to do much more than just stand and watch videos. They can now interact with the touchscreen to probe a video further. The tablets are so easy to use that even a 10-year old kid can interact with it.

With this tablet, customers are more engaged and informed about certain products and services. The tablets have become the most effective marketing tool has they are useful for the following. They are useful for virtual concierge, new product launch, branding, digital showcasing and digital salesperson to mention just a few.

Video clips have been very effective for sales conversion because of the following outlined reasons. If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, you can imagine how many words a video clip is worth. What about an interactive video session? How many words is that worth? The new tablet offers an interactive video session.

Video clips pass more messages

A video clip passes much more messages than other formats. If you have to put all the messages passed in a 1-minute video into words, it will take at least 250 words. How many customers will be patient enough to read a 250-word advert?

Videos linger longer in the mind of viewers

Since video combines sound with visuals it tends to register more on the mind of viewers and it also ignite emotions. This is why a video clip is more likely to linger on customers’ mind longer. Video adverts convert sales more than other forms of adverts. Online retails giants like eBay and Amazon have reported that when a video of description and how-to-use is attached to a product the chances of the product being purchased is increased by about 35 percent.

Videos are shared more than posts

Your video advert is more likely to go viral as people share videos more than text or other kinds of files. According the statistics released by Twitter, over 700 hundred videos are shared on Twitter every sixty seconds. Since marketing is all about exposure, the further your video ad is shared the better for you. To underscore this fact, YouTube once disclosed that over 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

Video clips boosts credibility

Video adverts enjoy certain credibility that other forms of customer education do not offer. After all, seeing is believing. Watching a video represents “seeing “. And naturally, what you see, you believe and what you believe lingers in your mind much longer.

Videos boost Google ranking

Google and other search engines tend to rank websites with videos higher on their search engine result page. Incorporating videos on your website means that your chances of being found by prospective customers are higher with a video clip embedded in your website.


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