New social media platforms emerge constantly, making it nearly impossible for small businesses to stay on top of the latest social media trends. Navigating the online marketing world doesn’t have to be difficult, however. A professional social media marketing service can help you establish a solid social media campaign, translating into increased sales and clients. In this article, we’ll show you 8 things you’re missing out on by not using social media marketing services.

Why Bother with Social Media Marketing Services?

Most business owners find they simply lack the time to keep up a consistent social media marketing strategy on their own, or if they do have the time, they aren’t achieving the results they want. Using social media for online advertising requires more than just a Facebook page and occasional posting. It requires an understanding of which type of content is best geared toward each platform, and an underlying strategy for each social media account. A Social Media Marketing Service not only helps you set up your social media accounts, taking into consideration which platforms work best with your industry, but also posts consistent, quality content to keep your business relevant. When done right, such services not only expand your credibility, they also boost your search engine visibility.

8 Things You’re Missing By Not Using a Social Media Marketing Service:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More engagement
  • Analytical evaluation
  • Targeted marketing
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Brand loyalty
  • Higher return on investment
  • Potential for free viral marketing

1. Increased Brand Awareness

Any successful marketing campaign, digital or otherwise, requires consistency. Wait too long between posts and your brand awareness will wane. Social media marketing services can help you generate frequent buzz, keeping people constantly talking about your business.

2. More Engagement

A good social media campaign service also promotes community engagement with clear call-to-actions included in each post (like follow us, call us, or like us, etc.) It’s also important to track engagements so that if something isn’t working your strategy can be tweaked to keep your follows, tweets, and likes trending upward.

3. Analytical Evaluation

Speaking of tracking, social media services also provide a tremendous amount of data, data hard to analyze without the right software. A professional marketing agency can not only analyze all your metrics, but also track your competitor’s share of social media keywords so you can alter your social posts and claim a larger market share of followers.

4. Target Marketing

By constantly searching local social media posts for specific industry-related terms, social media marketing services can also help you identify hot leads. Be the first to respond to requests for recommendations in your area and snag potential customers right out from under your competition.

5. Better Customer Satisfaction

With services like Reputation Management, you can see all of your company reviews in one centralized location, allowing you to thank positive reviewers, and address negative reviews quickly. The more potential clients see you responding to the community and helping customers, the more likely they are to do business with you.

6. Brand Loyalty

Traditional marketing is inherently impersonal. By connecting on an individual level to people in the community, social media marketing services can help you build brand loyalty and boost your social reputation beyond what traditional advertising can provide.

7. Higher Return on Investment

With a social media marketing campaign you can reach a thousand people at a fraction of the cost of taking out a print add, renting a billboard, or airing a commercial. With typically higher return-on-investment per dollar spent, it makes sense to opt for a digital marketing service over a traditional one—especially if you’re a small company without resources to spare.

8. Potential For Free Viral Marketing

While rare, a good social media marketing strategy can create the potential for a post to go viral—and by extension, your company, bringing more brand visibility than most businesses could ever afford to purchase through a traditional marketing.

Social Media Marketing Will Get you Seen

With so many thing to miss out on why wouldn’t you want a social media marketing service? For a consultation on how a social media marketing strategy might serve your business, contact the friendly folks over at Advantage ITS or call us today at (702)827-3700.

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