There’s no denying the importance of social media to the 21st-century business: not when 72% of people 24-34 use social media to make their purchasing decisions. Consumers do their homework before they buy, so a great social media marketing service is a crucial partner in your overall strategy.

7 Things to expect from an outstanding partner:

1. Free Initial Assessment

Maybe you feel your social media situation is well in hand. Perhaps you’re worried that things could be better, but don’t quite know how and don’t want to commit to a plan until you get a better idea of what the company can do for your marketing goals.

Look for a company willing to do a free assessment of where you stand and give you concrete answers about how their social media marketing service can make a difference.

2. Platform Integration

Logging on to each individual social media platform is time-consuming and doesn’t offer you an option to track metrics, prioritize your responses, or see at a glance the whole queue of inquires across platforms.

Your media service should offer integration with all the platforms you want to use so you don’t waste time logging in or re-inventing the wheel in your responses. They should also be ready to make a case for other platforms you might want to consider and be on top of new social media outlets as they emerge.

3. Personalized Objectives

Some services use the same basic format for every business they work with; essentially stuffing you into their mold. If someone offers a service without an attempt to learn about your business model, keep looking.

Your social media service partner should take the time to do a business assessment so they understand your values and what you’re all about. The service you’re paying for should be uniquely tailored to you.

4. Comprehensive Marketing Integration

Social media marketing is crucially important, but it will be most effective if used in conjunction  with your other online design and marketing strategies, like blogs, graphics, updates, and other types of content creation.

A great social media marketing service will help you align your social channels to your overall marketing strategy.

5. Concrete Objectives

In education, teachers have to plan goals for each lesson that are clear, definable, and have measurable results. A good social media marketing service should be just as professional. A great service will be able to explain the performance indicators they’ll be using to measure success. You and your marketing service should track key social media metrics like:

  • Engagement
  • Awareness
  • Growth
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Conversion

6. Customer Service Focus

When you have professionals focusing on your social media presence and helping you keep up with each platform, you can respond to customers quickly. You can thank anyone who gives you a compliment and address negative feedback before it becomes too big an issue.

Work with social media professionals who understand that responding and engaging makes you a company people want to do business with.

7. On-Point Content

Every social media platform needs slightly different take on content. This means all content has to be timely, industry-related, customer-aware, and platform appropriate all at the same time. You should be looking to work with a service that has the expertise to deliver content that hits all the right buttons, attracting the customers you’re looking for and effectively raising awareness of your brand.

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