Have you ever wondered how some people online managed to become famous, sometimes seemingly overnight? In most cases, it’s not just down to luck: it’s because they’re social media experts.

Your business can use the same tricks as these experts to get into the online spotlight. Use these social media tricks to give your company the leg up it needs.

6 Tricks of Insta-Famous Social Media Experts to Jumpstart Your Business

1. Stand Out by Following

It seems counterintuitive, but your first step shouldn’t be to promote yourself overtly. Instead, start by following the right accounts.

Research people who are likely to appreciate your brand and brands that complement (not compete) with yours. Then get their attention with thoughtful comments. Use the hashtags they use to support things they’re interested in and become part of their conversations.

2. Mention the Right People

Attracting brand attention can be as simple as getting a mention or a follow from someone with Twitter clout. Again, identify people who are likely to enjoy your products or brands that can be helpful to you.

Post your own tweet using the @sign to mention others by name. Don’t overload a tweet with these mentions, though, and don’t do it gratuitously. Only tweet when you have something to say that’s likely to get attention.

3. Use Hashtags to Enter the Conversation

Hashtags are big on both Twitter and Instagram. Find the most popular hashtags relevant to your business and use them to put yourself into the places where people are talking.

Start by searching a keyword related to your business through Instagram’s search box and see what pops. You can also use Google to find trending hasthags, or talk with your digital marketing company about how to make hashtags part of your overall SEO strategy.

4. Engage With Competition Strategically

Some brands have rocketed to prominence online with successful, humorous jibes at competitors. Wendy’s is a great example of working this strategy. Just remember that every time Wendy’s slays it, they’re usually making a competitor look silly.

You want to be Wendy’s, not what’stheirnames on the other side who lost those tweet battles. Consider giving a lighthearted poke at the competition, but only if you have someone clever at the keyboard. You don’t have to win every volley (sometimes losing gracefully and with humor is as valuable as winning) but you have to always make a good showing. Whatever you do, always keep it clean and lighthearted.

5. Hold Contests

Instagram will allow you to hold contests and these can be a great way to get your name out there. Remember these three keys to contest marketing success:

  • Don’t start without a clear marketing goal in place
  • Prizes should be something your ideal customer wants, not things everyone wants (iPhone, money, etc)
  • Entry should be by comments, not likes or taps, to get more people following you

The best contests are ones where your followers actually create the marketing content for you. Give a prize for the best photo that includes your product in the picture and a hashtag to your brand in the post.

6. Ask Questions of Social Media Experts

People love to share their area of expertise, and social media experts are no different. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing, and asking the right people lots of questions is one of the fastest ways to become expert yourself.

Asking questions and tagging experts is also a great way to get a conversation going on your account.

Jumpstart Your Business With Social Media

To learn more about how your business can take advantage of the best social media tips to grow your business, contact Advantage iTs. Our digital marketing plans can help you see the results you’re looking for.

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