It’s not easy to build a successful business. There are so many moving parts that it’s easy to let something slide, especially if that “something” is in an area in which you lack expertise. IT might be low on your priority list, but ignoring IT needs can create major headaches in day-to-day operations and leave you, and your clients, vulnerable. Managed IT services can keep day-to-day operations running smoothly and safely, but finding a quality provider can be difficult. That’s why we compiled a guide to help you find the best managed IT services in 2019 and beyond.

What You Need

Modern IT is about more than just keeping the server up and running. IT’s about continuity, so that fire, flood, theft, crashes, and data loss don’t cause a catastrophe; or even a second more downtime than necessary.

Modern IT is about keeping your communication secure across all channels and making sure mobile communications are protected both in-house and with customers and clients. IT is about keeping the server running, sure; but it’s also about optimizing space on that server. Most of all, managed IT services are the best way to protect yourself moment-to-moment from viruses, ransomware, email attacks, and unauthorized access to your data.

How to Find the Right Managed IT Services in 2019

Managed IT services exist everywhere. How do you choose the best one? Look for these seven qualities:

1. Lots of Options

Every business is different, and there’s no one-size-fits all solution. Look for a company that offers you a choice of pre-made plans, from basic to complete, and an option to build your own plan with the individualized services you need.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

You’re certainly aware of many of the digital threats and IT needs your company faces every day, but what about solutions to things you haven’t even heard of? Look for a company that’s thinking one step ahead of the threats and needs (and ask them how they’re doing it).

3. Web Design Services

Managed IT services can help you secure what you already have, but if you find one that can build and managed your web presence from the bottom up, you’ll get even better security. Who could be better placed to secure your website than the people who built it in the first place?<

4. Ask About Plan B

When you talk with a potential IT service provider, be sure to ask about the worst-case scenario. What’s their plan to keep you covered? If they can launch right into a clear explanation of how they’ll keep you up and running in a variety of scenarios, they’re probably the team for you.

5. Clear Explanations

You get what you pay for, so you already know you don’t just want to grab the lowest bidder for something as essential as IT. What you should want, however, is a clear explanation of what the company can do and how it will affect you. It doesn’t hurt to ask if, and where, there’s some flexibility based on your needs.

6. Helpful Ideas

Where are your own in-house tech people struggling? Identify where you’re falling short and then see which IT management services can present a real plan with the solutions you need. Not every managed IT service will offer the same solutions, and you should pick the one that’s right for your needs.

7. The Right Tech

You’re no doubt running into some of the same issues on a regular basis. Maybe you consistently run out of storage or you’ve had serious security breaches. Maybe your hardware is too old and you’re struggling to keep up. Maybe email is constantly crashing. The right IT team for you is the one that hears your specific needs and has the expertise to address them right away.

Make the Right Choice

Finding the best IT services for your needs means asking the right questions. Now you know what to ask: contact Advantage ITS and get started finding the right answers.

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