5 Things most people don't know about social media marketing services

More people use social media to make buying decisions than ever before. Platforms that started out as a way to keep in touch with friends and family have now morphed into thriving business portals, complete with reviews, product galleries, and other useful consumer information.

With the exponential rise in the number of companies now employing some form of social media marketing, businesses who neglect to utilize such social networking tools will stagnate or even flounder. While most acknowledge the need for social media, not everyone has a firm grasp on what exactly social media marketing services entail.

5 things about social media marketing services that a lot of other people don’t know:

1. You Can’t Take Shortcuts

Working social media can’t be done overnight. It takes time to make your presence felt, gain a following, and engage with potential customers. If you want to make a profitable impact, you have to do your research.

Your in-house marketing department is almost certainly spread out and working to develop plans that strengthen your brand everywhere. Succeeding in the realm of social media takes specific, targeted skills. Great marketing services know how to develop and leverage these skills in a targeted fashion instead of taking shortcuts that don’t translate to long-term gains.

2. Followers Aren’t Automatically Customers

With some clever tweets and some engaging Facebook posts, you can exponentially increase your followers. But does that always translate into a stronger bottom line? It might not, and 2,000 followers who actually buy are far more valuable than 20,000 that just lurk and laugh at your clever tweets.

That’s why you need an experienced social media marketing service instead of just letting Trevor from accounting loose to release some snarky responses once in a while. Your social media game has to be part of an overall marketing strategy; not a rogue group doing its own thing.

3. It’s a World of Constant Change

Most people don’t realize how quickly the landscape of the social media world changes. New platforms pop up every year, and while some aren’t worth your time, others quickly become a standard. New algorithms on existing platforms, service changes, and regulation adjustments all have the potential to mix things up, and in a confusing way.

One of the biggest challenges to a social media marketing service is keeping on top of these developments. It’s a full-time job ensuring best outcomes, planning best practices, and keeping abreast of changes in a rapidly evolving community.

4. It’s a Full-Time Job

You can’t just toss out a kitten picture with a cute caption and hope for the best anymore. Good marketing services are constantly analyzing what they’ve done, adjusting for the future, learning new strategies, and making sense of enormous amounts of big data. Here’s just some of what social media services do:

  • Keep up daily with all major platforms
  • Create fresh posts to engage with consumers
  • Send out monthly reports
  • Design ads that engage followers
  • Target by geographic and demographic categories
  • Increase general brand visibility across the board
  • Time posts to drop at the optimum moment for maximum exposure to each target group

5. You Have to Be Sincere

People can smell insincerity in a business from a mile away, so social media marketing has to be all about authenticity and ads that work. This means knowing enough about a business to honestly represent it and enough about the target audience to honestly reach them.

It’s a tricky combination to get right and sometimes it involves having more than one social media “persona.” It always involves a lot of research and hard work.

Taking the Long View

Lots of companies mistakenly believe that a good social media marketing campaign can produce dramatic results in a short time. The worst thing you can do is pull out of a social media platform after a short time just because it’s not delivering the instantaneous results you wanted. With social media, as with investments, expect to put in a lot now for even bigger payoffs down the line. That starts with a great social media marketing service.

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