Did you know the average American spends over 15 hours a day consuming media? The vast majority of it digital? With so many people turning to digital media, you now have more avenues to reach your potential customers than ever before, but are you actually connecting? Here are five questions our Richland Digital Marketing Agency can help you answer to ensure you’re making the most of your place in the digital space:

1. How Are Customers Getting to You?

Every customer goes through a journey to find you. Unfortunately, at any point along the road, they might get lost. If it gets too hard to reach you, they might give up or even go to your competitors. Without a fundamental understanding of how customers are finding you online, you can’t streamline the process. In most cases, people will find you through a search engine; but not always. Demographics and location are also important. Most important of all is making sure you really are the final destination. A digital marketing agency can help you tweak the steps so people can reach you as efficiently as possible.

2. What Metrics Should You Track?

Everyone knows about Google Analytics and “metrics,” but how can tracking this data help you turn a better profit margin? Just knowing how many people visited your site last month doesn’t produce sales. With so much data in play, it can be difficult to know what to track, as some of it will simply not be relevant. A digital marketing agency can help you not only track but parse the data into meaningful marketing strategies. Such analytics include:

  • Detailed website traffic, file downloads, and bounce rates
  • Online review monitoring
  • Ad revenue versus cost
  • How often people find your business listing and how many calls your listing generates
  • Search engine ranking compared to that of your competitors
  • Social Media engagements
  • Daily Lead generation

3. Is Your Digital Strategy In Sync?

Your digital marketing will give you the best results if it operates as one part of an overall strategy to promote your brand, increase customer loyalty, and recruit new customers. Digital marketing is just one part of the plan; though arguably the most crucial. A digital marketing agency can help ensure your digital strategies are in harmony with all your other marketing strategies. This could be as simple as using digital outreach to remind people to look for a coupon mailer or soliciting customer feedback so you can be more nimble in changing things up.

4. Are You Overdoing It?

It’s as easy to get carried away with digital outreach as it is to ignore it. There are 65 social networking sites out there, and counting, and you can’t possibly be everyone. In fact, you might not be able to manage more than three or four effectively.

Digital marketing professionals help you make sense of all the platforms and find the ones that will reach your target demographic most efficiently. Some major platforms to consider include:

  1. Facebook: the biggest player, but one that isn’t popular with Generation Z and has recently lost some trust
  2. Instagram: perfect for marketing that depends heavily on photos and/or targets users under 30
  3. Twitter: great for instant outreach and connecting with those under 50
  4. LinkedIn: best for B2B outreach and lead generation
  5. Pinterest: great for graphics-heavy outreach and especially effective in reaching women

5. Are You Catering to Mobile?

Just a few years ago, mobile was an alternative to the personal computer, and most people wouldn’t use a mobile device for serious internet searching. Those days are long gone, and mobile devices have replaced computers entirely for a lot of people.

Google’s 2016 change to prioritize mobile-first search means you have to cater to the mobile user if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Your local digital marketing agency can keep you optimized for mobile and tracking the metrics you need to stay that way.

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