You have your website up and running and your social media accounts set up. Maybe you even hired SEO services to help you get it all started, but now you figure things will pretty much run on their own. In 2010 you might have been able to get away with it. In 2019, it’s dangerous to ignore SEO services, and we’ve got five compelling reasons why.

5 Dangers of Ignoring SEO

1. Competition for Ads Has Never Been Hotter

A few years ago, there a lot of bids for those top-of-the page ad spots on Google. Today, Facebook and Google ads are so popular that prices are skyrocketing. There are simply too many companies who want those places.

These ads are still very effective, but when they cost so much you have to be strategic about investing. Most companies simply don’t have the time and expertise to plan this strategy without help.

2. Social Media Won’t Stop Changing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: they’re all constantly changing, and just one algorithm update can throw your whole social media game of whack. If you’re relying on one platform too much, a small change could send you right back to square one.

What’s your backup plan? Do you know when algorithm changes are going to hit and how they are likely to affect you? Are you spreading your online marketing budget out strategically? Expert SEO services can help you answer these crucial questions before it’s too late.

3. Trends Come and Go Quickly

Just when you think you have a handle on things, a major player in the digital realm changes the game. Remember when having a mobile website wasn’t that important? Practically overnight (at least from a business perspective) mobile-first web design wasn’t just important: it was a key criteria by which you were judged.

SEO is crucial to your business success; but it’s not what your business actually does. You don’t have time to keep on top of every trend developing in 2019 and beyond, which is precisely why it’s dangerous not to get SEO services on your side.

4. Organic Traffic Is Still Key

Yes, ad space is useful, but organic traffic is still the goose that lays the golden egg. You need lots of clicks that come because people actually wanted to find you. You have to rank highly for the right keyword searches, and it gets harder to do this every year.

The field is crowded with competitors, and the ref, Google, keeps changing the rules. It’s dangerous to go into a high-stakes game like this without hiring a great coach.

5. Being #1 Isn’t Enough

Remember the days when you wanted to be on the first page of organic search? Then you needed to be in the top three, and then you wanted to be first. Guess what? Position Zero is the place to be these days.

Position Zero is the top-of-the-page snippet returned after an Internet search. It’s basically a confidence vote from Google that says “we’re so sure this is what you want that we’ll actually give you a preview of the page.” It’s dangerous not to be optimizing for this all-important snippet position.

SEO Services: Ignore It at Your Peril

Technology and marketing have never moved faster, and these days it takes dedicated professionals to keep on top of all the trends. Don’t operate in the danger zone a minute longer. Reach out to Advantage ITS today and find out how better SEO can propel you straight to the top in 2019 and beyond.

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