3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Engagements

By March 19, 2019 March 28th, 2019 Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Tips to keep your customers engaged

Gone are the days where small businesses had to devote large chunks of their budgets toward billboards and print ads just to survive. With the prevalence of Social Media it’s never been easier to connect to your target audience, or cheaper. Digital Marketing, or marketing done exclusively online, provides a lower-cost alternative to traditional marketing while still offering a higher return on investment. An engaging social media campaign can also give your small business an edge over your largest competitors. There’s more to a successful digital marketing campaign than posting funny memes and inspirational quotes however. If you want a social campaign that produces real results, follow these three easy steps:

3 Steps:

Keep it Varied

Have several social media accounts? Don’t repeat the same content across all your platforms. What works for twitter won’t work for Facebook, as each platform is geared toward specific types of content. Focus on short messaging for twitter, but post more often. Make your posts on Facebook more content rich, but don’t post everyday or your customers might get fatigued and remove you from their news feeds.

Keep it Relevant

Posting just to post can keep your customers entertained, but giving them content they can’t get anywhere else is the best way to keep them coming back. Post your upcoming promotions, announce new services or events, and engage in sweepstakes and contests whenever you can. If people know they are going to receive something of value when they visit your accounts they are more likely to follow you online.

Stay on Target

Not sure what’s working best? Keep track of your posts and view which types of content are performing the best. This can help you tweak your social media campaign and allow you to focus more on creating content that translates into more sales and engagements, whether that be email signups, likes, follows, or increased traffic. Ask us how we can help you keep track of your social media analytics today.

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